Monday, 2 April 2012

Coursework vs Controlled assessment and "cheating"

The pressure to get high results is overwhelming. There is a level of competition between staff to see who is "outstanding" by getting the best value added for their class. On top of which the school adds pressure for every child to get 5 grades despite their predictions, ability and inclinations.

When I worked in the West Midlands we had a student who arrived on deadline day with a brilliant piece of coursework. We were suspicious, but what are you going to do? Shoot yourself and your results in the foot? So I do agree that cheating had to be reduced, it isn't fair that students can download an A-grade piece of work with no effort.

However, it also isn't fair that I have to spend every night after school supervising coursework. Doing it over and over with students because the grades aren't high enough. Walking on the edge of what is allowed in terms of support.

The ALT published the results of a survey today saying that I am not the only member of the teaching profession feeling the pressure. Infant teachers who inflate grades, and respondents that claim their professionalism is being squeezed by the pressure on results.

I don't envy the awarding bodies getting the balance right under commercial pressure and political pressure. The shifting sands of Gove's educational policies and vision affect all of us in education.

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