Friday, 11 May 2012


I was recently asked the question as to whether I knew if there had been any research into the impact of displays onto student learning. I don't.

To my mind the impact would be very difficult to measure, as too many other factors would have an effect to be able to collect any valid results. That doesn't mean to say that I don't think the classroom display is important.
There are certain difficulties to achieving good display work. It is very difficult to get a professional feel to the displays in school science laboratories. The time it takes to arrange the displays is often used for marking and preparation. Sometimes it is difficult to get students to create eye-catching and well composed poster or freeze.

In our department we have three display boards. One as you enter, one as you go up the stairs and one at the top. What to do?

Below is the display board as you enter the department:

I have updated it this week and they girls do find it attractive and have looked at it. I will be interested to see how it impacts on their attitude to science.

I owe much of the inspiration to Future Morph, well worth a look if you need information regarding STEM careers.

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