Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bristol Community Radio

Through my twitter activity, I have been invited on to the Bristol Community Radio show called Love and Science. (As it is hosted by Malcolm Love and is about science).

I was very nervous about going on the radio. Even though I knew that no one I know listens to the show.

It was interesting to meet the other guest Miranda Adi, who is the regional officer for the IoP. She was discussing all the outreach activities the IoP (institute of physics) have during the year. One that sounded interesting was the link between comedy and research, where researchers are given training in comedy and they interact with the public by doing stand up. There is an event in Bristol in the summer. I was interested and will keep and eye out in the local IoP news letter for that.

In the middle off the show Malcolm invited a young boy to discuss the experiment he had done at home. He split the stem of a flower and put half in red water, half in blue and watched as over time the petals changed colour. A simple experiment, but nice to know someone got some joy from it.

I don't feel that I was discussing science very much, more politics of education and science. But I like giving my opinions.

The one question I was asked that I couldn't answer was what one thing would I like to make a difference to science education. I should have said more time - that is what all teachers want. But really I don't know. Should I have an answer to that?

An interesting experience.

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