Monday, 15 October 2012

Using blogs to share practice

I was visiting my mother this weekend and found myself with a little spare time, so I opened my RSS reader app to read what other teachers have been doing.

It occurred to me then that blogging is a great way to share practice. I knew it already deep down, but it hasn't occurred to me just how powerful blogging could be. IF people engage with it.

There are examples of school blogging projects (involving staff writing about teaching). I am undecided about them, thinking of the context of the previous schools I worked in. Favourite staff would be asked, staff wanting to blow their own trumpet would push themselves forward and the quality of what is shared wouldn't be managed.

However, I am benefitting hugely from reading the blogs of other science teachers and it brings ideas to my mobile phone. Moreover it is bringing practice and ideas to me from across the country, not only within my own school.

Having worked in 3 inward looking schools I realise the importance of looking at the practice elsewhere and being ready to accept that others have useful interpretations of how to teach best. Moreover others have experience that we could learn from when implementing new ideas.

By sharing ideas and learning from the experiences of others we can improve our own practices. Blogging allows me to learn from people I wouldn't usually connect with and taken on board many more ideas than would ever have been possible.

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  1. Do you think you would be able to share some of these blogs that you are benefiting from? I too am discovering the value of blogs for sharing ideas (such as your own) and would love to find any other excellent blogs.

  2. I have some listed here: But now I have just started adding them straight to my RRS reader when I find and interesting one. I can't see how to export a list from it, which would be the quickest solution.

    I also follow the education hashtag on tumblr.

    I hope that helps.