Sunday, 14 April 2013

Responding to the NC consultation?

Those who have read my blog previous will know that I have spent time reviewing the proposed national curriculum for key stage 3 science and comparing it to the 1999 version.

I have responded to the consultation, as a culmination of about 10 hours of work.

Have I just wasted my time?

I have been urged, and myself urged others, to take the time to respond. I hope that the overwhelming responses to the consultation are words of warning along with specific areas where the new curriculum falls down. Perhaps, like me, others have given ideas and solutions to areas of the curriculum that they consider requiring change.

I feel desperately unhappy with the processes that have been used to construct the new curriculum and do not feel that it can represent an improvement. However, I feel that the DfE will not back down or slow down, which it desperately needs to do.

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