Saturday, 2 November 2013

2014 Key stage 3 national curriculum - working scientifically

I have had a lot of people looking at my blog for my interpretation of the draft version of the national curriculum. It is over a month now since the final draft has been published, so it is about time that I commented on that too.

In the images above I have coloured the comments green that are the same as the draft version and made the changes yellow.

I am delighted with the first change. It represents an acknowledgement to the language of measurement book from the ASE that the examination boards all use now too. I am grateful. Even if we might not like the definitions, everyone using the same ones does make life easier.

I think that most, if not all, science departments were trying to develop the use of this language into their key stage three schemes as preparation for GCSE, so it doesn't represent a major change.

I really like the 'scientific attitudes' section, and I am pleased that this part of the national curriculum isn't just about investigations, so we haven't lost the element of how science works that was introduced in 2008.

The next question is how to develop these skills in our young people and what the desired outcome at the end of year 9 would be. And of course how to assess it.

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