Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Nurture 2014 continued

Highlights and lowlights of the year so far:

  • The ASE conference is always a massive highlight to January.
  • Richard and I agree to get married, the date is set for 30th August.
  • I bought the new laptop that I needed.
  • I managed to organise a campsite for the accommodation so we can go to the commonwealth games without having to commute from Edinburgh or something like that!
  • A colleague and I took Year 7 to see the Superleague Netball at Bath. They loved it. 
  • We had our ASE west teachmeet and it went well.
  • March was busy with a Year 5 STEM day, the last as I don't feel that we need the hassle or that the school quite understands the issues around putting such a day on. Throwing my toys out of the pram, certainly.
  • We also took (almost) all of Year 7-10 and a few VI formers to the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham. Something that upset the rest of the school. Apparently taking 5 separate trips might have been OK, but taking everyone so that cover is easier to deal with and giving the rest of the staff a free day isn't popular. The kids enjoyed it.
  • The science week assembly went down well, it was delivered by the deputy head who received a round of applause at the end.
  • I very much enjoyed attending a video-inset by Teachit, where I was inspired to create my own.
  • I taught an IT-only lesson. Work needed! 
  • After the Easter holidays many staff were given iPads as we move to 1-2-1 iPads for September. Many, many members of staff, but not me. I was very upset to say the least. It was my own fault, as I was asked directly if I could do without as there wasn't enough to go round. I feel very stupid now for saying that I would manage. I imagined that other staff with their own iPads would be asked the same, but this wasn't the case. My original iPad only has iOS5 and I can't even open my own keynote documents that I have created on my phone or laptop. I am very bitter that I have had to buy a new iPad mini (only 16GB and I am already struggling).
  • In May I went to school on three Saturdays to help Year 10 revise for their core science exam.
  • Richard went out cycling a lot of those weekends too as he keeps up the stamina he developed for LEL in 2013. His aim is to prequalify for PBP in 2015.
  • I delivered my first ever assembly.
  • I enjoyed the school lecture from the director of Westonbirt Arboretum.
  • I have been to ResearchEd West Midlands, Pedagoo South West, and the Education Festival.
  • I went to the Cheltenham Science Festival.
  • My car had a warning light on, but didn't cost as much money as last year to fix it.
  • On the penultimate Friday of this term I had to talk to the Governors about what we had achieved in science and I believe they were impressed.
  • I have bought lots of new resources, particularly activate to allow students to access online resources that support their learning on their iPads.
  • I have tried a variety of resources and teaching activities this year that I want to embed further next academic year. 
I have made a few resolutions.

  • I will use all the appropriate online tests on activate with Year 7 to trial them.
  • I want to create videos for instructions key stage 3 practicals.
  • I will thoroughly investigate the new A-level courses.
  • I will use iMovie and explain everything to create resources to support my learners. 
  • I will embed iPad use into my teaching... I need to decide what this will look like.
  • I will give my students more opportunities to answer open questions so that I can mark and feedback on their written communication as well as their science knowledge.
  • I want to get a team together for the Engineering Education Scheme.
  • I want to get the Big Bug Bag Man (Pete) into school next term.
I will also enjoy our wedding, my cousin's wedding, our trip to the commonwealth games and our visit to York for the Yort Tweetup. 

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  1. It sounds to have been a really positive year so far, Helen - hope you feel pleased with all you've accomplished.

    Have a really good summer and a brilliant day on 30th August! Congratulations!