Thursday, 19 March 2015

Science Week

There is a real buzz around school at the moment about science. It's great to know you caused that. However, I haven't been home before 8pm three nights this week, with a parents evening tomorrow I can't imagine I will be back much before 8pm tomorrow.

Last Friday we took a group to Team Bath to see the super league Netball. It wasn't designed to be part of science week, the time was a coincidence. But it was a good cross-curricular activity. Friday was a late night. 

Back at school the deputy head, who is also a chemistry teacher gave a science week assembly last Friday lunch time. The students loved it. But then who doesn't love liquid nitrogen and blowing up balloons filled with hydrogen? 

Year 7 started their science week poster competition. 

On Saturday we had an open day at school. We set up a classroom with the classic experiments for visiting students to do. 

On Tuesday Simon from Space Odyssey Domes came in and presented to Years 5 - 10. The students really enjoyed the experience and were talking about it for a long while afterwards. "Awesome".

On the same day we also hosted 80 year 5 from near-by primary schools. (The dome being cover for our classes) The students did colourful chemistry experiments, made string telephones, put their hands into water beads (which are invisible in water), made kaleidoscopes and did experiments with optics equipment. The response from the primary schools was extremely positive.

On Wednesday I took 12 Year 11 students to Krispie Kreme Doughnut factory in Bristol. There are aspects of science in the trip. It is a continuous process, it requires thought about convection currents in the proving ovens, it uses yeast to help the mixture rise, and there is consideration about recycling the doughnuts that don't get eaten. It's a real treat for Year 11. 

This morning I lead a science week assembly with some help from my tutor group. Pretty impressive was the hair of a student who we put on the Van der Graaf generator. We also used slinky, made a circuit using a cosmic ball and all the girls in key stage 3, and made tonic water fluoresce. 

 I carried out a heart dissection of an Ox heart for Year 6. They really enjoyed it. 

I have also taught a Year 12 taster lesson to Year 11 today. They really enjoyed that too. "I think physics is going to be my favourite subject". No pressure. 

I was very excited to see that our solar viewers arrived. It was nerve wracking as they were delayed by parcel force. I have spent some time this week thinking about the best way to view the eclipse. 

The week will end with all the students in the school having the opportunity to view the partial solar eclipse (and a parent's evening). 

It's been a busy week. I am very grateful to my supportive colleagues and husband. 

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