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I am a head of science in an independent girls school in Gloucestershire. Prior to that I have worked in three very different state schools since qualifying in 2003.

I think that I was always destined to be a physics teacher; I sat in my physics classes thinking that rather than tell us things and then do the experiments we should find things out first by doing the experiment and then being told about it. When I left university I knew that physics teachers were needed so I applied for a PGCE and never looked back.

I am also a member of the ASE. I joined because I have become increasingly interested in the way that science education is evolving and what the purpose of it should be. I am also concerned that as the government bids to save money there is less and less support for science teachers and this may mean a slipping of the standards in science education.

I have been using the TES forums since my PGCE and I am now a member of the TES science teacher panel as Mousey80. I great opportunity to gain ideas from other science teachers by sharing resources.
My main inspiration for my teaching comes from my own experiences at school and from a book called "how science works" by James Williams. When I read it the purpose of science education became clear; knowing facts and recognising scientific laws is not enough, young people have to understand the changing nature of science and the advancements that come from that. Science is not fixed, and it is always being challenged.

My blog is my personal reflections, an opportunity for me to think out loud.

It is also possible to find me elsewhere on the web. A summary is found here: http://about.me/helen.rogerson

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