Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Excitement over the January ASE conference

The annual ASE conference is 4 months away, but I am excited already.

The preview brochure has come through the post in the last week.

I have been through and highlighted everything I want to go to. I need a Hermione Granger time turner thingy to go to everything I have chosen. And as more is added I may struggle even more.

I know this year that I will only choose a couple of booked courses so I can change my plans as more events are added to the programme.

I really hope that there is a lecture like the in the zone lecture last year or David Attenborough the year before. I will keep my Friday afternoon free just in case.

I would recommend to anyone to go to a frontier lecture, as well as the teaching workshops and debates.

I have other things in my life this term, a trip up North, a holiday in Cornwall and of course Christmas, this just makes my job a bit more entertaining too.

If you are a science teacher you should try to go.

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