Sunday, 16 September 2012

I realise I am not bothered (much)

I was initially upset that there would be no national curriculum at secondary level and one exam board for science gcse.

But I can put a positive spin on it: no national curriculum is better than what they are getting in primary, and will effectively mean no change. The most popular key stage 3 science scheme is exploring science so this is what England will effectively continue to use. How Science Works was never fully embedded so losing it won't make a difference to the teachers who didn't understand it anyway.

I hate the new science controlled assessments, and won't be sad to see them go. I will still do practical work when it helps students to learn.

The exam boards are probably much better placed to write a specification than the government and ofqual. Competition may make the whole qualification well thought through.

I suppose what I am saying is "it can't get any worse". Can it?

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