Saturday, 29 December 2012

2012 - review of the year

Biggest revelation:
Going to the ASE conference in January. I discovered that CPD sessions could be worthwhile. (I also found out there were still advisors out there making a practical difference to teaching and learning in the science classroom. It is a pity so many are gone).

Biggest change:
Moving school on May 1st. It is great working in such a positive environment. I am just settling in, and really look forward to working at my new school and learning more about being the best possible teacher I can be.
I was worried that I had done the right thing, but I am happier there now than I was in my last school and I know I have the opportunity to build a great faculty.

Biggest surprise:
Being elected to the ASE assembly. I told my regional committee I would apply as the previous member from our area was taking a step back. I didn't really expect to be elected. I am really looking forward to the next 2 2/3 years working with the rest of the ASE assembly and hopefully moving the ASE forward so we can meet our aims.

Biggest challenge:
I did find leaving my previous job hard, but the biggest challenge was dealing with a student teacher while I was still there. The guy was really nice, but couldn't take advice making it a challenge to support him. He didn't pass the course in the end. I felt bad, but teaching wasn't right for him and it wouldn't have been fair on the students.

Biggest compliment(s):
The best evening of 2012 was the Year 9 parents evening where both the students and the parents thanked me for reigniting their enjoyment of science. It was really worth it.
On the last day at my previous school I was given a great send off by my Year 11 class and paid some nice compliments in my 5ft Velma card.

Biggest award:
I am proud of myself for achieving my RSci status this autumn. I hope I can gather evidence for CSciTeach in the coming year.

Biggest discovery:
Eventbrite. I had used this website as a attendee of an event, but never used it to run an event. At my suggestion we used it to enrol people to the ASE West of England November conference, which seemed to go well.

Biggest inspiration:
Continues to be #asechat and the teachers who share their ideas there. Going to York during the summer to meet some of these teachers face to face was a great experience. Positivity filled the room and it gave me a lot of confidence in myself.

Biggest development:
Is in progress. I am continuing to adapt my teaching and lessons to adapt to the new demands of the 2011 science GCSEs, in particular literacy, processing information and thinking skills.

Biggest event:
Going to the Olympics and Paralympics, and sitting on my sofa watching what I couldn't see live. I have loved the Olympics since I was a kid, but really got into it in 1996 when I altered my body clock to Atlanta time to make sure I saw it all! I hope there is a legacy from the Games, but I don't see a lot of evidence yet.

Biggest realisation:
I have something to give. It still surprises me that I have knowledge that I can share with others. Maybe that is a good thing and prevents the development of arrogance. Hopefully if I start to spout rubbish someone will tell me.

Biggest support:
My partner, Richard, still provides the most support and inspiration for me. I worry about how he is treated (or mistreated) at his school, but despite all that he continues to do his best to support his colleagues and the students in his school. I hope his new head will grow to value him as I do.

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