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ASE conference sessions

These are the sessions that I am planning to go to at the ASE conference.

I hope that it will help other decide what to go to. Either avoiding the sessions I am going to in the hope that I can some information from them, blog about them and we can all learn more, or coming to the session with me and having a buddy.

Last year I did find myself sat next to Miss Molecules during one session, so it is a small world at the ASE conference!

The first two are booked courses that I have paid for, so I have to go if I want to get value for money!

Inspire future scientists through effective collaboration in the local community
Friday 11-1pm
Booked course

Controlled assessment
Saturday 11am-1pm
Booked course

I have also been asked to go to the following courses:

Models of online CPD for teachers
Friday 9.30-10.30

Celebrating 50 years of ASE - local events
Friday 4-5pm

Which pretty much fills up my Friday! I can't decide how to spend my Friday afternoon though. I have narrowed it down to the following two sessions. At the moment the presidential address is edging it, giving me a bit of time in the exhibition tent to talk firmly to the people at OCR.

Dr Hal, chemistry demonstrations
Friday 2-3.30pm
Chemistry lecture theatre 2

Presidential Address
Friday 2-3pm
Palmer G10

I want to balance my CPD needs, with sessions relating to policy, those that will support the development of the faculty and those that are related to the development of the ASE.

There are two sessions that I have identified as being helpful for the departmental aim of improving the attainment of the girls in the 6 mark questions. I think that I will go to the session on Thursday.

Preparing departments for QWC
Thursday 4-5pm

Success with 6 mark questions
Saturday 2-3pm
Carrington 101

A session I do like the look of is the first of the day on Thursday. I am interested in knowing more about the future direction of science education and this talk organised by OCR by Michael Risse of the IoE looks like it might fit the bill.

OCR talks policy and review
Thursday 9.30-10.30
Henley Business School G11

After the tweetup in York and my involvement in York Science I am really intrigued by the sessions being put on by the York Science education group. However, the only one I can get to is the one on Thursday afternoon.

A good question
Thursday 2-4pm

But I would mean I would miss

Dr Cyril Isenberg demonisation lecture
Thursday 2pm
Chemistry lecture theatre 2

Kevin Brennan MP - ASE policy lecture
Thursday 3pm
Palmer G10

There is a repeat of Dr Cyril's lecture at 4pm, but it is probably too far away for me to make it in the space of 1 minute! my partner Richard plans to go and see Kevin Brennan speak and if possible ask a question about the effectiveness of the labour party in resisting the problems caused by Michael Gove.

At the end of Thursday I will go to the members reception. A good opportunity to meet up with other ASE members.

Members reception
Thursday 5.15 - 6pm
Exhibition marquee

The other sessions I intend to go to are:

Curriculum reform at ks4 and how it impacts at ks3
Saturday 3.30-4.30
Henley business school 101

Leading science into the future
Saturday 2-3.30pm
Henley business school 208

My only remaining dilemma is the Thursday 11.30 time slot. There are four sessions I like the look of. At the moment I am thinking of going to the John Lewis lecture, but I also want to go to "teaching science, what works" and meet Brenda Keogh.

Chemical magic
Thursday 11.30-12.30
Palmer G10

Teaching science - what works?
Thursday 11.30-12.30

Applying to a Russell group university
Thursday 11.30-12.30
Palmer 106

John Lewis Lecture: challenges in predicting climate and the weather
Thursday 11-30-12.30
Henley business school G11

I think on Saturday morning I will make time for a Frontier lecture, a great part of the ASE conference. My dad kept Bees and was always concerned for their future.

Frontier science: bees
Saturday 9.30-10.30
Henley business school G10

But it does clash with another session that looks interesting as I continue with a personal quest to improve the literacy in my classroom.

Let's talk about science
Saturday 9.30-10.30
Henley Business School 201

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