Monday, 11 August 2014

Reading Blogs and Saving Articles (Feedly and Pocket)

I want to recommend two apps not usually promoted in list of apps for teachers and teaching. The first is Feedly.

I really enjoy reading blog posts. There are many people out there sharing resources, ideas and opinions. Blogs like from Amjad Ali for activities or for opinions from David Didau. Feedly is an RSS reader that will pick up blog posts from your saved blogs and show the posts from the last 30 days. This means the posts come to you rather than having to check the blog.

However, once something useful has been found then it's useful to have a way to save it for reference later. This is where Pocket comes in.

It is possible to link pocket to twitter. This means it is possible to save links and images from tweets. It can be added to safari to save links too. Or links can be copied and pasted into the app or website.

The advantage off both these apps is they work as a website or app, so you can access your account wherever there is an internet connection. Both have subscription versions, but I have never felt the need to subscribe.

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