Thursday, 14 August 2014

Transition between QCA and Activate

Since 2000 my school has followed the QCA schemes of work. Even in 2008 when the change in the curriculum allowed science departments to be more creative we stuck with the QCA units. (Which I think was a wise decision).

However, now we need to transition to the new national curriculum.

Ultimately the plan is to teach the following activate units at Key Stage 3:

Click for the google doc.

However, we have taught the QCA units, so we need to transition for Year 8 from the old scheme into the new one.

Below is the plan for this transition.

We hope that by the end of Year 8 the GCSE curriculum will be developed enough that we will be able to use the time at the end of Year 9 to fill in any gaps that the student may have so they can be prepared well for GCSE.

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