Friday, 6 July 2012

Climbing the pole

I have just started working at a school that is small (260 pupils). It is refreshing. No one has personal ambitions for greatness, they just want to make the school better. No one uses the words "inspirational" or "outstanding" unless it means something. No one shows off and their isn't any competition between the staff. No one is singled out as the worst, no one is held up as flavour of the month.

While I will acknowledge that there could be an issue with a potential lack of ambition or lack of sharing of practice, I don't feel that we have that. It is just that these things are organic rather than forced by the management, it reflects the needs of the teacher and not any external pressures. Our school is focused on the individual needs of the students.

Does providing an internal ethos of competition between staff, and an eagerness to impress those at the top in the hope of getting a promotion, really help improve the school?

I have seen another way, and I like it.

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