Saturday, 21 July 2012

Diptic and Instagram

It isn't directly related to teaching science, but I am pretty excited by these two services.

Diptic allows me to put several photographs together in one place.

First I chose a layout:

Then I select two photographs. This can be from the iPhone, from Flickr or from Facebook. I don't use flickr, I use Picasa instead as this blog links to it, but I do use Facebook.

Then it is possible to move the borders, adjust brightness, contrast etc and also add filters for various effects.

I can then export to the social media application of choice:

I am using Instagram to save my beautiful pictures.

Once uploaded to Instagram I have more filter options should I choose them.

And I share my image with the world. Or at least those people who follow me.

I am not a great photographer, but between these two services I can make my photographs beautiful.

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