Sunday, 13 January 2013

ASE conference session: Leading Science into the Future

The last session I went to at the ASE conference was run by the 11-19 committee and aimed at heads of department about the challenges facing faculties.

Alastair outlined areas of development facing science departments:

Performance management
New system,
local practice,
difficult conversations,
union action (work to rule)

Quality assurance, self evaluation
Identity the areas of strength/weakness - so what?

Who is accountable?

New specification
Why? Evidence, which one? Timescale, resources, sow.

Changes to linear qualifications
Timetable, rota, order of teaching units, revision, mocks,

In house or external?

As I work in an independent school I choose to look at changing to linear. I was glad I did because lots of issues I had not considered came up. I feel slightly glad we are doing OCR Gateway as there are less exams, but there is a lot more to it than the number of exams.

My main concern is getting accurate data and using it to inform intervention and report to parents. After than we have the issue of developing exam revision skills, but I think that will have to developed whole school as all subjects will have the same issues.

Thought provoking session!

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