Monday, 7 January 2013

Supporting colleagues

This morning our new Head teacher started work.

It may have been a throw away comment, but in the first introduction she asked staff to be supportive to each other. (Amongst other things) I believe her to be genuine because her whole talk was considered and based around a philosophy of learning and developing the students as people.

The request that we support each other really struck a cord with me. Of course we should support each other, but this isn't a culture embedded in every school I have worked in. Some schools are competitive and nasty. Staff use other teachers by throwing them to the lions to cover their behinds. Staff feel their colleagues are people to be stepped on as they rise up the ladder.

My school isn't like that, we are a team. The whole school working together. It was very nice of the head to recognise through her words the importance of this. I hope I remember it too; I intend to.

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