Tuesday, 28 August 2012


I have started a tumblr account. It is a cross between a blog, Facebook and twitter. http://helenrogerson80.tumblr.com

You can have several different types of post: text, photo, quote, video and link. The posts can be tagged with numerous tags.

I like the idea of being able to share teaching ideas. Twitter is too "busy" and the 140 character limit restricts what can be said and how it can be categorised so it can be found later.

Full blown blogs: well I should follow blogs, and have new posts pushed to me. I should probably set up RSS feeds to collate these blogs so I can read them. But often the blogs of my favourite educators are long and political. Not something that quickly inspires me, but something that involves thought.

So I want to try and use tumblr as a short and easy way to share teaching resources, ideas and successes. A quick picture, video or link.


If anyone wants to join me I'd appreciate the company.

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