Sunday, 11 November 2012

Direction for the ASE?

I am an assembly member for the ASE and have been thinking a lot lately about how best the ASE can support its members.

There are a lot of voices saying the ASE can't do this or that because others already are. But we have to do something to survive.

"Outstanding teaching and learning" is where ASE have to come in. Creating a community where members can support members and share practice. CSciTeach and RSci being a badge of quality and committed teachers and the start of a network - the register allows us to know where they are and who they are.

As teachers we have had the support network of advisors and consultants removed and there are a lot of new initiatives being put in place by the government. ASE members have to be there to collaborate and support with each other to see us through this difficult time.

It is sink or swim for the ASE, but we can only swim if we bring other science teachers along with us. Altogether we are strong and the association and science teachers can both benefit.

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