Friday, 2 November 2012

Great, so now we all have to cheat!

I haven't read the ofqual report. I think that I will though!

However I am furious over the comments in the newspaper by the head of ofqual.

We did our controlled assessments under controlled conditions. Probably too controlled. But the work was 100% our students. The moderation report came back saying our marking was on target. Great!

But, when our results came back the controlled assessment grades were way down on the exam grades.

I noticed that the OCR gateway controlled assessment average grade was well below the average grade for the exams.

Reading Ms Stacey's comments: I am
deeply upset.

I seems that me and my students have been punished because Ms Stacey and her colleagues at ofqual believe all schools, or very nearly all schools, were cheating in their controlled assessment.

What about those of us who didn't?

Some advice for Ms Stacey: find evidence of centres cheating and punish them. Do not force those of us who didn't cheat to cheat by telling us we are a minority and punishing us because our raw marks were lower. (and breath).

To say I am furious is understating it.

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